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Over the years, Expert Estimator has helped electrical contractors save valuable work hours. Not only will you get access to all your net prices, you’ll also be sure never to forget anything when the time comes to complete your quote. Submit complete and accurate quotations every time and make sure that all your projects are profitable.

A valued partnership

More than 2000 Expert Estimator users benefit from exclusive daily updates of the net pricing catalog for all products distributed by Westburne. Manage your quotes through your products, your assemblies and your pricing structure.

  • Professional quotes easily converted into purchase orders or invoices
  • More than 100 product assemblies available to accelerate quote preparation
  • Thousands of images and technical data sheets distributed by Westburne
  • 24/7 access to your on line Westburne updated net prices
  • Verify product availability
  • View technical sheets
  • Do your purchasing online

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